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Live Streaming

What is live streaming?

Live Streaming enables you to broadcast your event via the internet, enabling you to connect and engage and even interact with customers, regardless of physical limitations such as venue capacity, government restrictions, or customer mobility.

It’s a great tool to help increase exposure of your event or performance, and can be delivered through a range of public or private platforms, either offered to customers as a free or paid event.

Video Recording


Live-streaming is suitable for a wide range of events, limited only by your imagination. 

Here’s just a few ideas of what you can live stream

  • Theatre production streaming in Greater London and Essex
  • Community festival streaming in Greater London and Essex
  • Charity fundraiser streaming in Greater London and Essex
  • Business conference streaming in Greater London and Essex
  • Awards ceremony streaming in Greater London and Essex
  • Quiz streaming in Greater London and Essex
  • Life event streaming in Greater London and Essex

let us take care of live streaming your event

Showkit has experience in streaming and managing a range of events. We have all of the equipment and skills needed to run your live stream, including: 

  • Video mixers
  • Audio mixers 
  • Microphones
  • Lighting 
  • Full HD & 4K Cameras 
  • Mobile Data Connections
  • Complex Broadcasting Software


We can stream to a number of public and private platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or even create your own private branded website.

Live Streaming

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