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Production and Staffing


Whether your an amateur dramatics society, a dance school, a faith group or community organisation, if you’re organising an event and need some extra help, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Production Services 1
Production Services

event and production management services

We’re pleased to be part of CM Production Management, a company with a wealth of experience in providing complete event management services for a wide range of events, from licensing and safety planning for festivals, to community showcases. 

event and production staffing

It’s not always easy to find skilled, trained professionals to help with your event. We are able to offer a number of different staff to help your event run smoothly, including: 

  • Production Managers
  • Lighting Designers and Technicians
  • Sound Designers and Electricians
  • AV Designers and Technicians
  • Production Electricians
  • Stage Managers
  • Company Managers


We also have strong relationships with other professional companies that are able to offer services such as security, first-aid and height access. 

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